Quite simply ! we don’t.

They find us.

Being in this industry for so long in this area, means that we continuously get enquiries in from prospective tenants. We also have a huge presence on social media which helps.

Where consumers go, advertisers will soon follow, and  the world of social media is no different. Nearly every area of business has been changed by social media’s rise, but perhaps none has been impacted more than the advertising industry. Over the past several years, what began as a space for people to gather and connect has become an ideal platform for advertisers. With social media we can reach bigger audiences than ever before. It targets people without them actively looking ! We have to change the traditional approach to keep up with our  tenants behaviour trends. Social media is here to stay and as suppliers of a product, whatever that may be, we must adapt in order to engage with these clients.

We are also very successful with recommendations. A lot of our new business comes via recommendations, or  repeat business from existing landlords. This is extremely important to us, and we are so proud of our fantastic reviews.