“That’s one small step for man or woman !, one giant leap for mankind”

This was the moment I had waited for, for so long ! This little piece of corrugated cardboard basically encapsulates my journey of setting up this agency in one picture.

Having been letting out property for other companies since 2004, it’s was my turn to do it for myself.

If you know,!! then you’ll know… nothing is simple, and it took me about 3 months just to get granted a client bank account for the business. To get an ombudsman  membership which you need to trade, you also need a client bank account, but to get a client bank account I needed to part of an ombudsman. You also need CMP by law to trade, but to get CMP you needed to be part of an ombudsman, and so the circle went around and around.The barriers we hit along the way caused so much frustration that i’m sure most people would have given up at this stage. Being stubborn paid off for once and we eventually got everything we needed.

This is when I was finally able to order my boards.

so.. just to add, if you see any of these boards going astray around the area, please call me, because at £35 per board they are very precious. 🙂