Terms & Conditions (For Landlords)


1.1. LET’S GO LET LTD (hereinafter referred to as “LGL”) act as ‘Agent” in terms of letting and/or managing this Property.



2.1. The Landlord agrees to comply with all his obligations under the Tenancy Agreement.



3.1. All Landlords residing overseas must use LGL Full Management Service.



4.1. The name and address of any Landlord must be communicated on the Tenancy Agreement. If you have used LGL “Full Management Service”, LGL’s address will be used for this purpose.



5.1. LGL will normally use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement under the Housing Act 1988 (as amended by the Housing Act 1996). This will be produced by The Guild of Residential Landlords.

5.2. LGL will ask you for confirmation of your instructions to proceed with a letting. Upon receipt of such confirmation, LGL will sign the Tenancy Agreement and exchange contracts on your behalf, unless otherwise instructed by the Landlord.



6.1. In the event that LGL introduces a Tenant who enters into an Agreement to rent the Landlord’s Property, a fee becomes payable to LGL.

6.2. The fee is payable for any Tenant introduced to the Property by LGL, whether or not the Tenancy is finalised by LGL. The landlord would be subject to an admin fee dependable on the amount of work carried out by LGL prior to the landlord not following through with a tenancy and managed or let only service.

6.3. The management fee is payable throughout the duration of the Tenancy, that is whilst the tenant is in situ.

6.4. The management fee is charged at a percentage over the Tenancy period as specified in fees as agreed, or where the Tenant renews the Agreement, commission will be payable for



7.1. LGL will take reasonable steps to attempt to verify the identity of potential Tenants.

7.2. LGL will obtain references from previous Landlords and employers and/ or may carry out credit checks on the Tenant(s) wherever possible.

7.3. In circumstances where it is not possible to obtain the above, LGL will ask for a guarantor covenant and ID of the guarantor.

7.4. Where the Tenant is a Foreign National LGL may not be able to undertake references or credit checks. In such circumstances LGL will endeavour to obtain copies of their passport, ID and overseas address and will obtain the Landlord’s written or verbal consent beforehand.

7.5. By signing the Tenancy Agreement or otherwise instructing LGL to proceed with a letting, the Landlord is deemed to have seen and accepted any such references or identity checks or waived the requirement for LGL to obtain these.



8.1. All rents will be paid by the tenants on the same date as the move in date, each month (or nearest working day thereafter).

8.2. If rental payments are late for any reason, the management fee should be paid within 10 working days from receipt of late rent.

8.3. If the rent has not been paid, LGL will expect the landlord to notify the agent at the earliest possible opportunity, and then LGL will use all reasonable endeavours to recover from the Tenant all rent and monies payable.

8.4. LGL will not be held responsible for any default in payment by the Tenant.



9.1. A deposit equal to 5 weeks rent will be taken from the Tenants against dilapidations and/or any other costs or losses incurred as a result of any breach of the terms of the Tenancy Agreement. Deposit cannot be paid against unpaid rental or bills until the tenants have vacated.

9.2. The deposit will be held in accordance with the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

9.3. Unless the Tenancy Agreement states otherwise (i.e., if the Landlord has used the Let Only Service) the deposit will be held by LGL as agent for the Landlord in a Government authorised tenancy deposit protection schemes subject to the provisions set out below.

9.4. The Landlord will not be entitled to any interest that accrues on the deposit.

9.5. Under the terms of our standard Tenancy Agreement, the deposit is due to be repaid to the Tenant as soon as practicable, after the termination of the tenancy

9.6. LGL as agent for the Landlord shall follow the procedures of the relevant scheme to seek recovery of the deposit or to resolve a dispute over recovery of all or part of the deposit.



10.1. LGL will draw up an Inventory on behalf of the Landlord prior to every letting; this will include the conditions of the Property, its décor (detailing any scuff marks etc.), fittings and furnishings. However, it remains at all times the responsibility of the Landlord to check the accuracy of this Inventory.

10.2. Alternatively, if the landlord so wishes, he can instruct a professional Inventory clerk, at the Landlord’s expense, and with no discount offered by LGL.

10.3. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to check the Inventory at the beginning of the Tenancy (to avoid end of tenancy disputes), sign and return it to LGL (if the Property is managed by LGL.

10.4 Any unsigned document after seven days, will be deemed as accurate and used against dilapidations if required.


11. KEYS

11.1. LGL require a full working set of keys, one for each Tenant shown on the Tenancy Agreement and a master set for the office.

11.2. Should the Landlord fail to provide a full working set of keys (as described in clause 11.1) LGL will undertake to fulfil clause 11.1 at the expense of the Landlord.



12.1. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances and the fixed installation are maintained in good order. The gas should be checked for safety at least every

12 months by a registered engineer. LGL automatically take ownership of this unless otherwise informed in writing by the landlord.

12.2. If LGL is not provided with a valid certificate prior to the commencement of the Tenancy, LGL reserve the right to appoint a registered engineer to inspect all gas appliances and their installations and carry out any remedial works where necessary, at the Landlord’s expense.

  12.3. If the landlord wishes to use their preferred tradesman, they must also provide evidence that the smoke alarms and C02 alarms have been checked and are in date.



13.1. The Landlord is responsible for ensuring that the electrical installation and all appliances within the Property are maintained in good order. The electrical installations and appliances should be checked for safety at least every 5 years by a registered engineer. LGL automatically take ownership of this unless otherwise informed in writing by the landlord.

13.2. If LGL is not provided with a valid certificate prior to the commencement of the Tenancy, LGL reserve the right to appoint a registered engineer to inspect all electrical installations and carry out any remedial works where necessary, at the Landlord’s expense.



14.1 It is a legal requirement that all landlords that have rental properties in England, follow the smoke and carbon monoxide regulations.  These regulations require the landlord to install one smoke alarm on every floor of the property where a room is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and a carbon monoxide alarm must be installed in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance such as a wood burner, coal fire or biomass

14.2 LGL insist that a C02 alarm is provided by the landlord at the start of a new tenancy.

14.3 LGL will check these alarms on the first day of a new tenancy to make sure that they are in proper working order, providing they are easily accessible to the agent.  If these items are not easily accessible to the agent, the landlord must provide photo/video evidence that they are valid and in working order prior to the inventory being carried out.



15.1. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the property benefits from a valid Energy Performance Certificate provided by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor.

15.2. If LGL is not provided with a valid EPC prior to the commencement of the Tenancy, LGL reserve the right to appoint an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to provide a Certificate, at the Landlord’s expense.



16.1. The Landlord is required to contact the Local Authorities to apply for the appropriate Licence for Houses in Multiple Occupation if the property meets the criteria set out in the Housing Act Regulations 2004.



17.1. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to inform LGL of the utility companies that supply to the Property; LGL will then provide the details to the Tenant(s).

17.2. Thereafter it is the Tenant’s responsibility to notify any utility companies of the meter readings and change of occupier; Tenant’s are also responsible for notifying the local authority of change of occupier.

17.3. LGL will not undertake to fulfil this duty should the Landlord fail to provide the required details and will not be held responsible for any consequences that may result thereof.



18.1. Where applicable, LGL will attend to the day-to-day minor repairs and maintenance of the Property and its contents up to an estimated value of £300 per job (or other amount to be agreed and stated under Negotiated Terms at the end of this Agreement). LGL will always endeavour to contact the landlord for permission to proceed.

18.2. Costs for such repairs and maintenance will be accumulated and invoiced to the Landlord unless LGL have specifically received written instructions from the Landlord regarding preferred contractors, existing guarantees/warranties or services guarantees. (see below))

18.3. However, in emergencies and where LGL consider it necessary will act to protect the Landlord’s interests without initial consultation. The Landlord will be made aware of any such works as soon as is reasonably practicable.

18.4. Any maintenance or work arranged by LGL may include a reasonable charge for our administration costs.



19.1. It is the Tenant’s responsibility to maintain the Property and garden during the Tenancy. However, if the Property is found unclean and the garden and grounds are found to be overgrown 5 days prior to letting or if the Tenancy has commenced, LGL then reserve the right to call in independent contractors, at the Landlord’s expense.



20.1 Once the initial fixed term tenancy agreement has expired, the contract will automatically revert to a ‘STAT PERIODIC’ (month by month rolling contract).

20.2.  If any party requests a new fixed term document (for whatever reason), there will be a £50 charge (as per the permitted payments act).



21.1. LGL will inspect the Property upon termination of the Agreement. A statement of dilapidation including any remedial action will be prepared by LGL for the Tenant.

21.2. It must be understood that these inspections can only provide a superficial examination and are not intended to be a structural survey or professional Inventory check. LGL cannot accept responsibility for hidden or latent defects and therefore it is recommended that the Landlord is present so as to verify results of an inspection.



22.1. Where LGL is responsible for the Full Management of the Property, LGL will serve termination notices on the landlord’s behalf.



23.1. Two month’s notice (to end on a period date) must be served upon the Tenants if the landlord wishes to determine the Tenancy at the end of the term. LGL will serve notice on the Tenants on the landlord’s behalf if instructed to do so. Please note that there are Current Covid restrictions in place in relation to section 21’s. Please seek advice from LGL if you wish to give notice.



24.1. If the Landlord withdraws the Property once a Tenant has been found but before the Tenancy commences, there will be a charge of £350 payable by the Landlord

24.2. The landlord may only withdraw their Property from LGL, once the tenant has moved out. Under exceptional circumstances, a buy back scheme can be negotiated with LGL. 


25. TAX.

25.1 It is the Landlord’s responsibility to declare all rental income to the Inland Revenue if he resides in the United Kingdom. LGL do not accept any responsibility for Income Tax derived from letting of the Property.



26.1. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between LGL and the Landlord and supersedes all prior Agreements, understandings, representations or communications between the parties.

26.2. Any matters that have been verbally discussed and agreed by both LGL and the Landlord must be stated under Negotiated Terms at the end of this Agreement.



27.1 LGL reserve the right to terminate the contractual relationship by giving 3 months written notice.

27.2 The Landlord cannot terminate this contractual relationship whilst the Property is let by a Tenant supplied by LGL.



28.1. The Landlord warrants that consent to let from his mortgage lenders has been obtained and has notified his insurance company of his intention to let and has obtained their agreement to extend the insurance cover on the Property and its contents to cover the changed circumstances.

28.2. Where he is a joint Owner, he has ensured that all the Owners are named in the Tenancy Agreement and that he is authorised to give instructions on their behalf.



29.1. It is the Landlord’s responsibility to inform his insurance company that the Property is to be let, and to ensure he has adequate insurance cover for both the building and his contents.

29.2. Activities relating to the arrangement and administration of insurance are governed by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Under this Act LGL is unable to arrange insurance on the Landlord’s behalf, to notify his insurers of claims or to complete documentation relating to those claims.

29.3 LGL will notify the Landlord where damage to the Property has resulted from an insured risk and will provide the Landlord with the information that is needed in order to make a claim.



30.1. LGL will liaise where necessary with the Landlord’s accountants, solicitors, superior Landlords, managing agents and mortgage lenders.



31.1 LGL is not responsible for any professional legal proceedings for the recovery of rent or repossession of the Property. However, LGL will help to prepare the file for the possession order. This fee is £300 plus postage, but does include the completion of all legal forms/certificates of service/ statement of truth etc. This fee includes the preparation of 3 complete copies of the file for the courts to process the application. LGL will not take responsibility for documents that have been provided by the landlord incorrectly.LGL will charge, in addition to the above costs for court hearings with the landlord plus any expenses occurred.

31.2 Appearances before any Court or Tribunal will be by special arrangement and the fee for any such attendance will be agreed at this time.



32.1. If any disagreement occurs between the Landlord and Tenant, LGL will act as independent mediators. If this is unsuccessful then LGL would advise both parties to resolve the matter by independent arbitration, for which both parties are borne equal for cost of the arbitrator.



33.1. The Landlord agrees to indemnify LGL as Agent against any costs, expenses or liabilities incurred or imposed on us, provided they were incurred on the Landlord’s behalf in pursuit of our normal duties.



34.1. The Landlord is liable for costs incurred by LGL acting as Agents on the Landlords behalf.



35.1.LGL will carry out all services with reasonable care and skill. However, LGL cannot guarantee the suitability of Tenants, timely rental payments or vacant possession at the end of a Tenancy and cannot be held liable by the Landlord for such events.


36. VAT

36.1 All LGL’S commission fees and any other charges are not currently subject to VAT.



37.1. Any additional terms discussed or negotiated between both Landlord and Agent must be stated and will be regarded as part of the Agreement: